With all the Saints Row 5 conversations going on for years I had an idea for how they could create a new Saints Row game going back to its roots without all the time machine non sense.

Easy. Make a prequel. I believe Volition should make a Saints Row prequel dating back to the days of when Ben King and Julius King had to gather around the people of Sunnyvale to protect their home from The Carnales. Now they would have to make some big changes from the Saints Row 4 feel, the characters CAN NOT look like comic book characters like they did in 3 and 4. They CAN NOT move around and just jump threw car windows like they did in 3 and 4. They have to go back to its roots and make them move more realistically, make them look more realistically.

Clothes. They should obviously bring back layered clothing like Saints Row 1 & 2 but make it where the player can change the materials of the clothing (kinda like wwe2k). Now it would be a bit different because it would be clothes from the 70s (when Ben King created the Vice Kings)

Protagonist. Now a lot of people might disagree with this but I believe there should be 2 protagonist, Ben King and Julius Little I think they should switch in between the 2 (like GTA5) But they should bring back the Saints Row 1 type of multiplayer where you can create your own character. For co op I think it would be amazing if 1 player could be Ben King while the other one is Julius. Now if there absolutely has to be 1 protagonist it should be Julius.

Start. The start of the game should obviously be Ben King and Julius deciding to fight back against The Carnales a mission with "The Speech" being said for the first time.

End. The end of the game should be Julius realizing what the Vice Kings are turning into and deciding that enough is enough and leaving maybe after a huge gang war with the Carnales (maybe even the birth of the Rollerz)

The Playa. I don't think the playa should be a playable character at anytime in this game (seeing as he would be a child) but maybe there should be a cutscene with "The Playa" being at a playground as a kid and Julius telling him to "run off little playa before the Carnales get here" or something where there would be a HUGE hint that the kid is indeed "The Playa"

Map. The map would obviously be Stilwater in the 70s

New fans. Now with this game a lot of newer Saints Row fans (from 3 and 4) would want the alien futuristic type of thing. I have no clue how they could satisfy these fans maybe making a big DLC (similar to G.O.O.H.) I have no clue what the story would be for this DLC seeing as I have no desire for it.

Your thoughts: I would like to know your guys thoughts (which is the reason I'm posting it here) on this idea of this Saints Row game. And what you guys like and don't like about it and what you would do differently.