Hello, you have come here because you have an interest in becoming a staff member here at Saints Row Underground. That's great! We are always looking for new staff to help moderate the forums/help out with site in any way. Before we go any further with this, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.


1. Are you familiar with forum websites?

2. Have you ever played Saints Row?

3. Have you ever moderated a website/clan/etc?

4. Are you an active member on Saints Row Underground?

5. Are you willing to mark dozens of "TRIVIA HUT" quizzes when many people submit one?

6. Please provide any background/ extra information about yourself that you'd like me to know before you submit this application.


- Moderate the forums (Look for any funny business ie., spammers)

- Mark quizzes that get submitted from the "TRIVIA HUT" (You will receive an answer key so you know the correct answers)

- Stay active across this website

Thank and good luck to all of you who have aspirations to become staff. Don't get down on yourself if you get declined as becoming a staff member can have many responsibilities and we are looking for the most suitable people for the job.