So I just wanted to leave my plot for my ideal next Saints Row game.

Inspirations: Mortal Kombat 9, X-Men Days of Future's Past (movie), and Terminator

Despite conquering The Zin, The Boss feels he failed with the Earth destroyed. Knowing Ziniak's time machine would only send a person back prior to the invasion, the boss saw time travel as a lost cause. However, Matt & Kinzie are able to create a new set of time machines, combining the Zin matrix machine with the tech used for the original time machine. Being able to send the minds of the future into the bodies of the past, the Saints have a 2nd chance.

Gat's Sacrafice: Gat realizes The Saints need an ace up their sleeve in case the time travel goes wrong. Add in not wanting to experience the death of Aiesha twice, Gat declines sending his mind back in time. Instead he uses the orignal Time Machine in the super suit to go back in time with one misson... KILL ZINIAK

Before The Row: You know their names, but do you know their story? Take control of Julius & Ben King prior to The Vice Kings. Learn the connection between Lin & Johnny Gat. What lead Troy to go undercover? And learn the deep secret of Dane Vogle & Dex.

Meanwhile... In Steelport: No matter the changes made, The Playa ends up betrayed & blown up into a koma. In this pack learn what got Shaundi & Pierce into jail in Stillwater. Learn about The Playa's back up plan and Kinzie's role in all of this.